Molecular basis for membrane remodelling and organisation




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The selective transport across membranes, often requires that biomolecules are englobed in vesicular or tubular carriers that detach from donor compartments and then fuse with acceptor compartments. The biogenesis of these carriers by bud formation and membrane scission, and their fusion with acceptor membranes are tightly regulated processes for which the membranes must undergo narrow curvature changes. These cannot occur spontaneously, but need to be driven by protein machinery, in interaction with membrane lipids. Protein-lipid assemblies are very dynamic, often involving multiple bond interactions that are individually of low affinity. The field of membrane remodelling and organisation therefore is a fruitful ground of conceptual and methodological innovation. The 2021 ‘Molecular Basis for Membrane Remodelling and Organisation’ Jacques Monod meeting will address new emerging areas that have lately been particularly dynamic: the resolution revolution in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), which opens unprecedented possibilities for near-atomistic structure determination on model membrane substrates and in cells; the rise of chemical biology as a source for tailor-made tools and ground-breaking concepts in the life sciences; and the integration of membrane biogenesis with metabolism based on ever more performant mass spectroscopy equipment that allows to work with ever smaller quantities of materials. More generally, interdisciplinary has become second to none in the field of membrane remodelling and organisation, and the 2021 meeting will keep on nurturing this spirit. Indeed, also biophysics, computational biology, and systems biology continue to play a key role as a provider of novel conceptual perspectives and methodological innovation, and the proposed program includes a number of physicist speakers whose capacity to engage productively with the membrane biology community is well established. Quantitative live cell imaging in 3D is probably amongst the most prominent examples of successful imbrication between physics and biology.



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